Is Realme 6 Pro a good phone? Realme 6 Pro Frequently Asked Questions

Realme 6 Pro FAQ : Answered


Realme 6 Pro is the 6th series of the Realme lineup of smartphones which was launched on March 13, 2020.

Over these months, it has attained a good amount of users and few are still looking to get their hands on the device.

May it is because you want to upgrade to a new phone, you love the lightning flash design of the Realme 6 Pro or you just want to make sure you are getting the right device for your money.

To solve all this, we have got the top Realme 6 Pro Frequently Asked Questions for you to get all your queries solved. 

If by any chance you didn’t find the answer to your question for the Realme 6 Pro, feel free to scroll down and contact us via email

Lets now get some answers for you,

Q: Is Realme 6 Pro a good phone?

A: Yes, Realme 6 Pro is one of the impressive phones to buy in 2020. This is an upgrade to the previously launched Realme 5 Pro which comes with some amazing features at an affordable price.

For instance, Realme 6 Pro is one of the only phones available under ₹20,000 to come with a 90 Hz refresh rate.

If you have heard about the refresh rate term popping up in flagship smartphones, you would know that having a 90 Hz refresh rate can be a good deal for a smooth user experience.

Realme is one of the manufacturers to bring the 90 Hz refresh rate to an affordable price of less than ₹20,000.

Realme had to make a few sacrifices to bring down the value of the phone down.

But if you were looking to upgrade and need one of the best smartphones under 20000, Realme 6 Pro would be a good choice.

You can check our gaming tests for Realme 6 Pro and a few other recommendations for gaming phones under 20000 from here.

realme 6 pro

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Q: Will Realme 6 Pro have an AMOLED display?

A: No, the Realme 6 Pro does not come with an AMOLED Display. It uses an IPS LCD screen instead.

This is unfortunate considering Realme X2 and few other devices which can be bought under the same price segment came with an AMOLED Display.

This is mainly done to cut costs to get the 90hz refresh rate and dual punch-hole display for the users.

If you are not looking to have the best displays on your phone, you won’t mind Realme 6 Pro’s IPS Display.

Realme 6 Pro comes with a 6.6 inch IPS LCD Display which has a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels and a claimed brightness level of 480 nits.

So if you are wondering, will the phone be bright enough for outdoor use? Yes, it would be. You won't have a lot of problems to view the phone outdoors.

With a good brightness level, you can always toggle to a higher brightness level or leave it in Auto-Mode. This will automatically adjust your brightness levels during your phone usage.

Q: What is the RAM of Realme 6 Pro?

A: Realme 6 Pro will be available in two RAM Variants: 6 GB and 8 GB.

With the stated RAM, you can have a flawless experience on the Realme 6 Pro.

And if you are deciding between both, I would recommend the 6 GB RAM variant if you are an average user with a love for a few games like PUBG, Fortnite, or Subway Surfers.

The 6 GB RAM variant also gives the best value for money.

You also get two options for storage with the 6 GB RAM.

If you are someone who uses the phone for average media consumption or download only a few files daily, the 64 GB variant will do good for you.

If you need more storage, you can pay an extra ₹1000 and get the 128 GB storage variant.

Q: Which Processor is available in Realme 6 Pro?

A: The Realme 6 Pro uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G chipset. This chipset lies below the 730G but can deliver good performance in the mid-range series.

The phone can easily handle all your everyday tasks, heavy-duty gaming, and few editing apps in the background.

With an addition to the newly launched Realme UI, you can expect the Realme 6 Pro to give you a better user experience.

realme 6 pro 5g

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Q: Is Realme 6 Pro good for Gaming?

A: Yes, Realme 6 pro is good for Gaming. It comes with a dedicated gaming processor and an optimized Realme Game Space to get you the best gaming performance.

We have placed the Realme 6 Pro is one of the best gaming smartphones under 20,000.

Our experts tested and reviewed the Realme 6 Pro with some high-end games like PUBG and Call of Duty.

The Phone was also tested for Heat (because phones can heat up pretty fast if you have a bad cooling system)

You can check out the full gaming review, heat test with Antutu Benchmark scores from here

Q: Can Realme 6 Pro run Fortnite?

A: No, the Realme 6 Pro cannot run Fortnite as of now. Fortnite can be played in flagship phones with a flagship mobile processor.

Fortnite demands a lot of power which cant be expected from a Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G processor

Even though Epic Games recently announced the game to go live on Google Play Store, everyone won’t be able to take advantage or download the game.

If you still want to install the game and play the game, you can check out this article from Android Authority which will give you a run-through of all possible ways to install the game on your phone.

Note: Remember to check the minimum requirement for the phone before you install the game. Otherwise you won’t be able to play Fortnite.

Q: Is Realme 6 Pro the best for PUBG?

A: The best answer would be a yes. Realme 6 Pro is one of the best phones for PUBG under a budget.

The reason I am adding “under a budget” is because it cannot play PUBG at the highest settings. It can only be played at low to medium settings.

If you are looking to play PUBG at max settings, you will need a powerful chipset like the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 series chipsets.

And you don’t need to spend ₹ 70 k- ₹ 80 k to enjoy that gaming experience as well.

You can get a really good smartphone under 25000 which comes with such powerful processors to play PUBG at high settings.

Q: Is Realme 6 Pro Waterproof?

A: No, The Realme 6 Pro does not come with any kind of rating. You can expect the device to handle accidental water spills.

Mid-range generally don’t come with any kind of IP rating.

Having an official IP rating costs a little extra money and waterproofing the phone can cost even more.

This is the reason you find waterproofing only on high-end phones.

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Q: Is Realme 6 Pro 5G?

A: No, Realme 6 Pro does not come with 5G support.

As of now, only smartphones that come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor and the Qualcomm snapdragon 765 processor support the 5G modem.

Fun fact: the Snapdragon 865 is a flagship processor which does not come with an integrated 5G support.

So every phone which comes with the Snapdragon 865 has to put an extra modem called the X55 modem, which enables the 5G functionality on the phone.

Whereas the Snapdragon 765 comes with integrated 5G support.

Q: When Realme 6 Pro will launch in India?

A: Realme 6 Pro was officially launched on 13 March 2020 and is available in both online and offline markets across the country

Q: What is the price of Realme 6 Pro?

A: Realme 6 Pro will come with 3 variants. With the base variant of 6 GB+64 GB costing ₹17,999, 6 GB+128 GB will cost ₹18,999 and the 8 GB+128 GB will cost ₹19,999

If you are looking forward to making a purchase, I would recommend you go for the 6 GB+128 GB which seems to be a value for money choice.

The 128 GB storage seems to be a minimum criterion in a world where storage is used by a lot of our apps.

And if you don’t plan to buy another smartphone in less than 6-8 months, you might want to put an extra ₹1000 into storage and get the 128 GB version of the phone.

Q: How to buy Realme 6 Pro?

A: Realme 6 Pro can be availed via offline and online market. Realme 6 Pro is available via Flipkart, official Realme stores, and offline retail stores. (contact your nearest store for more information)

Or you can just click here to get the Realme 6 Pro via Flipkart

realme 6 pro

Realme 6 Pro

A combination of power and performance to enhance your gaming and everyday experience

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G
  • 90 Hz High Refresh Rate
  • 64MP Quad Camera Setup

Final Verdict

Realme 6 Pro is one of the best smartphones to buy under the 20000 price tag.

It has stood out due to the beautiful back design which can be grabbed in two different colours: The Lightning Blue and the Lightning Orange.

You can shine the phone around your friends and family.

Realme has put an effort to bring good smartphones under a budget since 2018, and with the new Realme 6 series of phones, you can have much better options to choose in 2020.

Hope we were able to cover all your queries related to Realme 6 Pro.

If by any chance you didn’t find the answer to your question for the Realme 6 Pro, feel free to contact us via email or comment down below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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