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If you have ever been to a retail store, you might have got confused between Smartphones where the retailer often tries to sell an Oppo or Vivo phone.

And an obvious question arises: 

But even between both Vivo vs Oppo, Which is better Vivo or oppo?

And also, why do retailers (who you trust to provide the best) tend to recommend Oppo or Vivo phones than other smartphone companies?

Firstly, both these companies are owned by the same company called BBK electronics.

This is the same company that also owns companies like One Plus and Realme smartphones.

Vivo smartphones have tried to Target the mid-range segment of the smartphone market whereas Oppo has an offering of smartphones from budget to really expensive Smartphones. 

And looking at the data available from CounterPoint, we see that Vivo grabbed more market share than Oppo Smartphones in a year.

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Which makes it clear for you, that a lot of users are interested to buy Vivo smartphones rather than Oppo.

If you want to compare Vivo and Oppo, does Vivo make a better choice?

Maybe or Maybe not.

This is where I would like to tell you a reality check of these smartphones.

If you have ever noticed the shops or retailers around you, you tend to see the brand Oppo and Vivo around those shops.

May that be in the form of a banner or hoarding or to build a whole shop with the words "Oppo" or "Vivo" written distinctively.

If you said NO to that.

Then I expect you to go out and try to see a few shops yourself.

But if you said yes, then I would like to tell you a few details which you did or didn't know about Vivo mobile brand and the oppo market of smartphone

When a seller or your nearest shopkeeper makes a sale of Oppo or Vivo Phones, they get some extra benefits:

1. A high rate of commission compared to other offline market smartphone companies like Samsung, LG and etc.

2. Retailers are getting paid by these companies to put their hoardings or banners on their shop

3. The Retailer gets benefited into two ways:
-First is that they get money from companies to simply put hoardings and banners on their shop and
-Second is that the shop becomes eye Cathy

4. Retailers get packages to travel around the globe if they increase
the company's sales.

Are the retailers cheating you?

In a way, they might be. But it's your job to find the best smartphone suitable for your use.

Buying from the offline market? Keep these things in mind:

1. Don’t trust blindly, ask for a demo and use the phone.

2. Try other phone brands available in that shop if you don’t have a specific choice.

3. Always prioritize your own needs rather than running after popularity or Specifications.

Pro Tip: Nowadays you will get almost every other phone having the same specifications. The basic difference comes in the quality and software experience of the phone. These could make a big difference in your overall experience.

So a question arises

Are these smartphones reliable at all?

Yes, definitely. Oppo is one of the biggest smartphone companies which has managed to produce some great Smartphones.

For instance, the Oppo Reno Ace 2 which was recently launched by the company had some series of technology like 65W SuperVooc Charging and 40W wireless charging.

These are impressive considering that no other company is offering the same tech right now.

They have been first in the innovation of new Smartphones like the Oppo Find X which came with the world's first pop up selfie camera which gave the phone a full-screen display (something every manufacturing company was running behind)

So Oppo has been producing some great Smartphones for the users.

But their smartphones are really expensive, and if you are putting your money on a flagship Oppo phones, you might find it better than the Vivo smartphones

On the other hand, Vivo has impressed with its mid-range phones and also for bringing some great innovation in the form of Vivo Apex smartphones.

Now these concept smartphones are not something that is available for the customers to buy, and an average user doesn't want to spend more than 20-25k on a smartphone.

This is the very reason, Oppo and Vivo are trying hard to compete against each other and other companies in the mid-range segment which is dominated by companies like Xiaomi and Realme.

My Verdict

If you have been looking to choose between Oppo and Vivo Smartphones.

I would recommend you Oppo if you are looking to invest some good amount of money and buy a flagship Oppo phone.

Smartphones like Oppo Find X2 and Oppo Reno Ace 2 can deliver some amazing hardware and technology enhancements with you won't find from other companies.

But if you are looking to buy a budget-friendly smartphone, then I would recommend you to not choose either (unless you want to), just yet.

Because in the year 2020 where you have so many options available in the market to choose from, you should choose based on what is your priority.

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Also try to choose a value for money smartphone which has been delivered by companies like Samsung, Realme, and Xiaomi.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Which phone camera is better oppo or Vivo?

A: Oppo has a better Phone camera in comparison with Vivo for most of the devices.

This is due to better Phone camera optimization done by Oppo for their smartphones in comparison with Vivo.

Hence you get better picture quality and better dynamic range from Oppo Smartphones.


Q: Which phone is better redmi or oppo?

A: According to the Counterpoint Indian share market, Xiaomi takes the lead in popularity among smartphones in comparison with Oppo smartphones for Q4 2019.

And personally, I would recommend you Redmi smartphones due to the company's commitment to providing value for money smartphones.


Q: Are Oppo and Vivo Same?

A: No, Oppo and Vivo are two different companies. Though they are owned by the same parent company i.e BBK Electronics which also owns companies like One Plus and Realme.

Q: Which smartphone is the best to buy?

A: Realme and One Plus are one of the best smartphone brands to buy in 2020. Nonetheless, if you are running on a budget, check out the Top 10 smartphones to buy in 2020

Q: Is Oppo a good brand?

A: Yes, Oppo has been a good brand for flagship and for premium smartphones.

I would not recommend the same if you have a budget of less than Rs 30,000 to which other smartphone brands like Realme and Xiaomi give better smartphone deals and devices than Oppo.

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