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how to change default browser

Smartphones are our daily driver for social media usage, consumption of multimedia content and occasional photography.

Most of our searches are also done via our smartphone where we use our pre-installed browser to access most of our contents.

In order to access this content, we often start our browser from a default web page. for e.g- www.google.com

This is that link or code "content://com.android.browser.home/" which is generally used to set default home pages in browsers

You don't need vast technical knowledge to update your homepage and browser settings. 

I will touch upon a few topics in this article to help you use, set and change your default browser and pages for the "content://com.android.browser.home"

What is "content://com.android.browser.home"?

As stated before, the content://com.android.browser.home is a link which is generated in order to set the default pages.

Often you might like the homepage or would be having an issue with the same.

If you are an android user which comes with stock Android or Android One Program installed, you will find the default browser to be the Google Chrome.

But a lot of other manufacturing companies tend to provide their own set of internet browser application which is pre-installed in their device.

These browsers are not well optimized and can have a lot of advertisements on the homepage.

This clearly gives you a bad experience and you wish to either install another browser via play store or change the homepage itself.

For example, the UC browser can be an app which is pre-installed in many smartphones.


This indirectly makes it a bloatware.

Because every time you will try to access a link shared by your friend, it will automatically start using the UC browser and show you the result of the link.

So here are a few recommended browsers to use for fast and secure browsing:

Best Internet Browsers to use:

1. Google Chrome

google chrome

Google Chrome is a browser from Google itself which has been the most recommended browser in the world.

It's fast and secure. With a lot of settings and control to you, you can easily customize, change your security settings and grant permission to websites which are safe to use.

2. Mozilla Firefox

mozilla firefox

Mozilla Firefox has been one of the best internet browsers for a long time. The UI is light and fast.

You can get much speed and reasonable faster downloads from the Firefox browser.

3. Opera


Opera is another recommended browser which gives you a ton of options to customize the way you want your browser to function.

You do have other options like Microsoft edge, safari (only apple users) and a few other browsers which could be potentially used for a good browsing experience.

All these browsers are free to download via Google Play Store or Apple Store. So feel free to get any one of them.

How to change your default browser

You often find that you get a pre-installed browser in your smartphone with the tag "Browser" or "Internet"

And even if you were to install another browser from Google Play Store or Apple store, you are unable to use that browser as your default browser.

For example, every time you get a Whatsapp text from your friend who shared you a link.

That link will end up starting on your default pre-installed browser(if you don't have Google Chrome or other browsers installed in your phone)

Follow these simple steps to change your default browser:

  • Open your phone and go to settings

how to change default browser
  • Search for Apps/Manage Apps/App Management
  • how to change default browser
  • Find the Option "Default App"
  • Click on Default App
  • how to change default browser
    • Search for "Browser" and Click it
    how to change default browser
  • Choose your favorite browser and set it as the default browser
  • how to change default browser
    • Save Your Changes
    how to change default browser

    And you have successfully changed your default browser.

    So now whenever you try to open a shared link, it will open in your default browser.

    How to change the default homepage of your browser

    The default homepage plays an important role which can be ruined with a browser which opens advertisement and irrelevant content every time you hit the "Home" Button.

    Follow these simple steps to change the default homepage of your browser

    • Open your default browser (It will be labelled as Browser, Internet or your favourite browser i.e chrome, firefox, UC.
    • On the top right corner, click on the three dots
    how to change default homepage
  • Click on settings
  • how to change default homepage
  • Scroll down and find the "Homepage" option
  • how to change default homepage
    • Move the slider to enable homepage
    how to change default homepage
    • Under the "Open this page", Write your desired URL 
    how to change default homepage

    Thats it. Now every time you try to access your home/click your home button, it will redirect you to your desired URL.


    Default browsers and their homepages can be a real pain if they are showing ads or irrelevant content every time you wanted to search something on the internet.

    We go through on how to use/change the content://com.android.browser.home/ with a few simple steps

    This will help you have a much better experience and will remove any kind of irrelevant content from your home page.

    This will also ensure that you don't end up clicking on websites/ads which might bring malware to your phone.

    If you have any more query, feel free to reach out to us. 

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