5 Easy ways to Convert a Normal Tv into Smart TV

how to convert normal tv to smart tv

Ever wanted to spend a weekend with your friends and family watching your favourite show on Netflix?

Online content and media consumption has increased a lot with new shows, movies and a lot more coming out via various streaming services like Netflix & Amazon Prime.

All of these can be accessed via a smart TV

But a lot of us invested on a TV a few years ago and wish for a cheap alternative to upgrade to a smart TV.

The good news is, you can easily convert normal tv to a smart tv from these 5 simple methods.

And the second good news is, you don’t have to spend a ton to get started.

Using these methods, you can easily stream every other online content and TV shows from the comfort of your home.

These apply to any kind of LED TV, LCD TV or even an old TV which has an availability of HDMI port or a USB Port.

Let’s dive in

Top ways to convert a normal tv into smart tv

1. Google Chromecast

how to convert normal tv to smart tv

Google Chromecast is the answer to convert normal tv to smart tv with few simple steps.

This is an ultra-portable device which is smaller than your own hands and can be taken anywhere you wish to.

The Chromecast from Google is fairly easy to set-up with the device plugging into your TV, a few configuration settings, all of which can be found in the manual.

This also supports the likes of all your favourite streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube and much more.

It also lets your screen-cast your mobile display to the TV. So if you are showing your holiday pictures to your family and friends, just screen-cast your mobile to your newly converted Smart TV and get started.

This is a cheap and easy way to convert your normal tv to a smart tv with the freedom of using streaming services and various other applications.

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2. Amazon Fire Tv Stick 4k

how to convert normal tv to smart tv

This is one of the best devices from Amazon itself which can get you level ahead in creating a seamless online experience.

Like the name states, this is a small portable device which can be plugged into your TV without the need of any external cables.

And if you need one, they ship with a dongle cable to help you plug into your TV if its too close to the wall.

The Fire Stick 4K is more like a Pendrive shaped device with smart features to help you stream online content.

It supports all mainstream streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube, Spotify and more.

You will also get a dedicated remote and up to 4K streaming resolution capability. 

(Note: You will need a 4K TV in order to take the full benefit. But if you have a TV which has a resolution of 1080p, you can stream your online content in 1080p.)

The set-up is quite simple and easy to do. With a few basic settings, signing up with your Amazon account and a few basic configuration of the device.

The Amazon Fire Tv Stick 4k also has an app available in the play store/apple store which can be installed to your phone.

This can help your phone to interact with the Amazon fire stick while searching, typing and doing voice search for your favourite movie or show on your tv

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3. Apple TV

how to convert normal tv into smart tv

Apple Tv is one of the apple’s answer to provide you with a streaming service with Apple-exclusive shows and gaming services.

Apple had recently updated its Apple TV with the introduction to even more apple tv original shows.

This will also support all your favourite streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and more.

Unlike other streaming devices, Apple Tv also supports games.

Last year, Apple also announced the Apple Arcade which can be availed with a monthly membership and can be played via any platform including your own Apple Tv or iOS devices.

Just like the Amazon Fire stick remote, you will also get a dedicated remote to interact with your Apple Tv.

This is a much more modern looking remote with touch interaction and voice support to directly instruct your Apple Tv to search for online content, play a movie or ask for the weather report.

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4. Airtel XStream

how to convert normal tv into smart tv

Airtel Xstream is a new streaming device/box from Airtel.

This is basically a updated version of their previous streaming service: the Airtel TV.

Until now, those services were competing against other online app services like Jio TV and Idea TV & movies.

But with the Airtel Xstream, you can have much more freedom to connect your box to your TV and enjoy all its benefits.

This includes streaming all the services like Netflix, Hotstar, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, Youtube and more.

The sweet deal is, it also supports Live TV (indirectly giving you the capabilities of a cable/dish TV and also a smart TV).

This is beneficial for all the users who don’t want to pay a separate subscription to use such services. 

So Tv channels like ESPN, HBO, Sony Tv and a lot more are available via the Airtel Xstream.

It also comes with a Bluetooth remote which can be used to control your Tv and for voice search.

This is also one of the devices which are powered by Android.

So you have access to the Google Play store and can download 5000+ apps and watch more than 10,000+ movies as claimed by the company.

This also supports Google Assistant and has support for up to 4K streaming.

(Note: You will need a 4K TV in order to take the full benefit. But if you have a TV which has a resolution of 1080p or 720p, you can stream your online content in 1080p or 720p.)

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5. Roku Streaming Stick

how to convert normal tv into smart tv

This is another option to convert normal tv to smart tv by plugging in the Roku streaming stick.

The looks are similar to the Amazon Fire Stick with a Pendrive shaped device which will help you stream all your favourite tv shows and movies on demand.

The set-up of the Roku streaming stick is as easy as it gets.

With plugging into any of your HDMI port, basic settings, connecting your wifi and setting up your Roku account.

It might take some time initially for the device to be updated and get started. But once its done, all your online content is just one click away.

It also comes with a dedicated remote which can also be used to control your TV with power on/off, volume and basic interaction with your Roku streaming stick.

It comes with a grid-like interface which is easy to use and can be operated via the given remote.

The loading times are pretty fast and you can manage and stream all your online content without any lag.

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Should you get a Streaming Device in 2020?

An easy answer would be Big Yes!Even if you have a normal TV or a smart tv, you can never get all the provided services from a single brand tv company.

Some TV companies may or may not support your favourite streaming services which can be a disappointment for users who invested over Rs 50,000 ($700) over a device which couldn’t deliver you the best online experience.

Using the above-mentioned streaming devices can give you more freedom and more options to escape to the online world without the need of paying a ton of money.

These devices are portable enough to be taken anywhere you would like.

They can also be integrated on any kind of Monitor/ Screen which can be converted into a smart TV.

So I do highly recommend to get yourself one of such devices to gain a complete experience from the comfort of your home.


Streaming online content has increased in 2020. With the coming years, you can expect your favourite shows and tv series to be streaming over online services.

If you have a normal TV and are looking for a cheap alternative to upgrade to a smart tv and enjoy all the features, the above-mentioned methods will help you convert normal tv to smart tv in few simple steps.

These devices can help you stream content up to 4K and can give you over 5000+ apps support and over 10,000+ movies with a bunch of exclusive content available only in online streaming services.

If you have been looking to experience a tv with smart capabilities, these 5 methods will help you out.

If I missed something in this guide or you have any query, feel free to reach out to me via email or drop down a comment down below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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